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Davis is also one of the busiest stations of the Capitol Corridor intercity railroad service operated by Amtrak between the Bay Area and Sacramento. The central campus bounded by freeways on two sides Highway and Interstate All other UC campuses are either somewhat distant from the closest freeway or are directly adjacent to only one freeway.

Two freeway exits are entirely within Binghamton university essay prompt boundaries. Some students choose to live in the neighboring communities of SacramentoDixon or Woodlandand use their own cars or the county-wide Yolobus to get to UC Davis.

Novelist Jack London was one of the first readers of the Weekly Agricola. We aren’t like other teams. Most would let the pressure and losses get to them, but not us. Every day, every practice, every tournament and every game was a chance to improve ourselves.

We knew every time we stepped on that court what we had to do. Each and every girl on this team has worked so hard and deserves every bit of recognition for this state title.

Saturday we played Mekeel Christian Academy. We came out with such intensity and fire under our feet, the game seemed like it was binghamton university essay prompt for us. We played as a team and were able to get seven girls on the stat sheet in a state semifinal game. After getting that win, we were excited, but we knew it wasn’t over yet. The game following ours was the second qualifier game for Class C.

The winner of this game would be our matchup for the next day. We knew South Seneca binghamton university essay prompt tough, being the defending Class C state champs from last year.

The game was intense and South Seneca played so hard, but when the final buzzer sounded it was Port Jefferson with the win. The matchups and plays were running through binghamton university essay prompt heads.

Sunday morning came and it was go time.

University of California, Davis

We packed our bags and piled on the bus, planning on being the next Class C state champs when we got back on. When the time came to suit up, you could feel the nerves and butterflies.

We knew this game was a big deal and we didn’t want to let ourselves, our coaches or any one of you binghamton university essay prompt. Not to mention, we didn’t want to let our seniors binghamton university essay prompt.

Be proud of what you’ve done. We got five points up on the board in only a few minutes and we kept the tenacity high on defense. However, we started in foul trouble, had to go back into a half-court defense, and that’s when Port Jeff started to take the lead.

Every time it seemed like we were closing the gap, they’d hit a 3 or get an and-one on us. We were fighting, but it seemed like everything turned against us. The fourth quarter came and we were binghamton university essay prompt by We knew what we could do in binghamton university essay prompt minutes and gave it all we had.

We went back into our full-court press and great steals were made by Pike and Hannah, who were able to get themselves or other players like Mar and Ched to the line. With around 20 seconds left, Pike was on the line and made two foul shots to tie it.

Port Jeff inbounded and due to great hustle, Mariah forced a Port Jeff player into a travel turnover. Coach called a timeout and that advanced us to half court. It was intended for Pike if she was open on the wing but not, Hannah would be in charge of taking it to the basket.

The crowd was going wild by this point, but we never lost focus. With 8 seconds left Pike inbounded it and was instantly guarded from receiving the ball back. So Hannah got past not binghamton university essay prompt, not two, but three defenders and took the purest raindrop shot while running baseline. I stood under the basket as the ball bounced around, and it felt like the world stopped. As the buzzer sounded it fell in binghamton university essay prompt the gym erupted with binghamton university essay prompt cheering.

Our whole team stormed the court We did it, we are the state champs. In that last quarter we scored 28 points to Port Jefferson’s It was like we were out of a movie.

After getting awards and interviews were finished, it was those of you who came up to see us who really made the moment special. The binghamton university essay prompt was overwhelming and we couldn’t be any more thankful, for all of the fans, binghamton university essay prompt and friends who had our backs. And also a big thank you to the support and escorts from Ovid, Hector, Burdett and Watkins as we made our way back for the celebration.

Binghamton university essay prompt, a big shout-out to Nan Fraboni of the Sports Boosters, and mother of one of the players, Makenna Fraboniwho is like a mother to me and someone who made that celebration happen and provided us so many snacks for the bus ride. I can’t thank these girls and coaches enough for everything they’ve done. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else. There was so much more I could’ve said and so many memories to cherish and jokes to tell, but I’ll end with this message to all of you athletes who are going to have the chance to do something great like this one day: Remember, you are your biggest enemy.

If you say you can’t, you never will. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect anyone else will? You control your fate. Give it all you’ve got and you can do anything you set your mind to.

I see a bright future ahead for Watkins Glen athletes. Let this title motivate you and drive you. Coach Alicia Learn, carrying the state championship plaque, greets one of the many young students on hand for Wednesday’s celebration. Assistant Coach Ralph Diliberto presents his speech. The team concludes the celebration with a circle cheer.

Photo by Don Romeo Fifth: Emmie Bond presents her speech. The players greet young Watkins Glen students after the celebration. Photo by Don Romeo Eighth: The Sports Boosters’ Nancy Fraboni and daughter Makenna, who is a member of the state championship team. Boys cross country coach John Fazzary — whose team won a state championship in the fall, was introduced and greeted by the girls basketball team.

The Watkins Glen basketball players and coaches signed their Walk of Fame stars during Wednesday’s gathering. For the past several weeks, artists-in-residence Rosie Newton, Jesse Heasly and Katie McShane worked with student musicians at the school to develop their musical performance skills.

The Ultimate List of US Universities Based on GRE Scores (2017 Update)

A binghamton university essay prompt of students spent class and lunch periods working individually with the artists to prepare pieces for the concert, which was free and open to the public. Both Newton and McShane — each of whom funny real homework excuses participated as an artist-in-residence at WGHS for binghamton university essay prompt years — enthused about the students and the experience.

She lives in Trumansburg, where she recently returned from two weeks of touring in the United Kingdom. She can be found playing music locally, too. Heasly is a graduate of the New England Conservatory, where he studied jazz bass performance.

He is an active touring bassist in the New England area. In addition to teaching, she composes music for various ensembles and performs with several touring bands, playing many different instruments. All binghamton university essay prompt were on stage with the students Wednesday night, as well as during an assembly during school hours.

They provided backup music as well as encouragement for the evening’s musicians. The artists’ roll is an extension of the twenty annual visits paid by Ithaca bassist Hank Roberts, who worked with students at the old Middle School before the program was enlarged and moved to the high school — and handed off by Roberts to Newton and McShane. Wednesday’s concert began with a performance — by teacher Travis Durfee and the resident artists — of an original song by Durfee titled “Crockpot Squirrel.

Kelsey Kernan, right, and Katherine Larson after singing a duet. Allie Gibson, left, and Annika Wickham performing an instrumental duet. One of the artists-in-residence, Rosie Newton, performing at the concert.

Claudia Parker performs “Chasing Cars. Gaetano Williams sings “Unsteady. Kacey Samuels sings “Valerie,” with artist-in-residence Jesse Heasly in the background.

Jack Muir sings “Miserable at Best. But is it essay format toefl ibt your story.

Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or 6 years ago Read more Blog post New and Exciting! On June 25th, a revised edition of the book will be released. Now, the useful little blue book will become the useful little red book—and bigger and better than ever.

This assertion does have some merit, as the names Nay Aug and Roaring Brook can still be found in the area of Glastonbury, near Hartford. In fact a Nay Aug tribe may have existed here in the s. Perhaps we can thank our lucky stars that Nay Aug does not come from Greenwich CT, which boasts a neighborhood named Mianus. Comedians have had a field day with this binghamton university essay prompt, asking locals such probing questions as “Is Mianus a big place? Negro Pond Found in Wyoming County near Laceyville and once listed on maps as “Nigger Pond,” a possible holdover from the days of the underground railroad.

The older designation does binghamton university essay prompt offensive to the modern ear, but in earlier times it probably contained a lesser amount of shock value, similar to Mark Twain’s use of the word in books such as Tom Sawyer.

In the s, by the way, Wilkes-Barre reportedly had a section called “Nigger Hill. Part of binghamton university essay prompt idea was to turn this Pennsylvania town into an industrial powerhouse just like its namesake city in Britain.

Newfoundland Here we find the new found land of Daniel Stroud, who along with his father Jacob helped establish Stroudsburg. It’s a safe assumption that no one around here confuses the local Newfoundland with the Canadian province which boasts a small fishing village named Dildo.

This cheeky little name started appearing on maps binghamton university essay prompt early as These days the town features an annual Dildo Days every August, featuring music, games, and of course a beer tent, and television crews from around the world have filmed feature stories here. Over the years many people have called for a change of name, but as one resident puts it, “It was good enough for our forefathers, so it’s good enough for us.

The spot may have been located in Liberty Township, which was once referred to as Lawsville until rate my essay free the Butts Corners contingent simply packed up and moved to the oh-so-special place in Tennessee known as Coon Butt. New Milford Known as McCarty’s Corners in the s, this town 30 miles north of Scranton was first inhabited by settlers from the area of Milford, Connecticut and apparently bears no special relation to Milford on the Delaware River.

Newton Located to the west of Scranton, Newton was around by settlers from Newton in northwestern New Jersey.

And don’t forget, Pennsylvania has a Jersey Shore but for better or worse, no Newark. New Tripoli Located north of Allentown. The name was probably bestowed by one Samuel Ely, a landowner in the early s. At the time, binghamton university essay prompt American navy had just subdued belligerent city-state of Tripoli on the North African coast. Part of what were called the Barbary States, Tripoli took great pleasure in confiscating American ships and crew, demanding ransom money in lieu of enslavement, particularly for American binghamton university essay prompt members who were obviously Christian.

Fukuoka | Japan

The local name is pronounced not TRIP’-o-lee, but for some odd reason is called New Trip-OH’-lee, possibly reflecting the strain of individualism which is such a deeply ingrained aspect of the American psyche. Nicholson Once known as Thornbottom, the town is named for John Nicholson, Pennsylvania comptroller from to A land speculator, Nicholson claimed ownership to some 3. Due to “unsettled accounts” and charged with using state funds to fuel his devious land deals, Nicholson was nearly impeached and his land reverted to the state.

Inthis apparent charlatan died in debtor’s prison in Philadelphia. Nicholson is home to the famed, and rightfully so, Nicholson Bridge, properly known as the Tunkhannock Viaduct.

Whether both a dead body and a stash of gold are buried inside are legends that may never die. Nicholson also contains the old village of Baconville, named for tavern owner Nathan Bacon. Nippenose township Williamsport area The story behind this one is up in the air, right with someone’s nose. One suggestion says the name is taken from the Indian phrase nippenowi, meaning “a warm and genial summer-like place. An old Indian named Nippenose had remained behind in the valley long after it was settled by whites.

Apparently his nose had been “nipped” by exposure to the frost, and the rest of the story is fodder for barbershops, taverns, political debates, and most any other place where tall tales are the order of the day. Nittany As in Nittany Mountains. The name means either “single mountain” or “protective barrier against the elements.

The first is that “nolo” is Latin for “I will not,” reflecting the standard level of defiance toward established authority that was expected of an early frontiersman. The second explanation also works, since Nolo is located high on a hill where there is “no low ground. Binghamton university essay prompt productive orchards exist near here, which once led to the name Fruitville and note that one possible translation of the word Ephrata is “fruitful;” those Amish really knew what they were talking about.

Though the village of Fruitville is gone, thank goodness the road from Lancaster to Manheim is still called the Fruitville Pike. And maybe someday, many centuries hence, an obscure researcher holed up in a lonely reference room may someday put the “Paid” stamp to the story behind the noodle and the doosie. Normalville Found in the Pittsburgh metro area, it’s so named because it’s the home of a state teachers’ college, once known as a “normal school.

Northumberland county Formed in and named after the most northern county in England. Its largest towns are Shamokin and Sunbury. Norvelt One binghamton university essay prompt the more recent towns to appear on the Pennsylvania landscape.

In the years following the great depression, President Roosevelt was a binghamton university essay prompt architect of the New Deal designed to lift Americans by their own bootstraps. One such effort was originally binghamton university essay prompt the Westmoreland Homesteads, a federal housing development in Westmoreland County greater Pittsburgh area designed to facilitate home ownership to families that couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Spearheading the local effort was Eleanor Roosevelt who visited the Homesteads in — driving her own car, no less. Norwegian Township Schuylkill county Early settlers thought its mountains resembled rugged Norway, though the settlers themselves were generally German. The Lehigh Valley Railroad extended this far, servicing the lumber and tanning trades. Legend formato para hacer un curriculum vitae en linea that way back in the day, a team of oxen was plodding binghamton university essay prompt the binghamton university essay prompt street, and a little girl chirped “Look mommy, there goes a team of n’oxen.

Nuangola Possibly means “people of the north. Both stories resemble the legend behind Winona Falls, south of Matamoras. It’s been said that Binghamton university essay prompt Winona jumped to her death from a cliff overlooking the falls once she learned her tribe declared war on the tribe of her lover. The close correspondence of all three stories suggests the legends are more a matter of a singular Indian myth revolving around the destructive force of love sickness, a theme the ancient Greeks took up on occasion.

Ohiopyle The word Ohio comes from the Seneca Indians and means “beautiful river” or “large creek,” depending upon who you ask. Originally the Ohio and Allegheny rivers went by these names, and the Iroquois Indians of upstate New York considered the rivers to be one and the same.

The name Ohiopyle ohiopehhla is a refinement upon the word Ohio, and it is taken to mean “white frothy water. Old Forge The mediocre quality of ore in the Old Forge area, once known as Mudtown, led to at least one abandoned forge by the year it was built around A quarter century later, when settlers returned, the community referred to the abandoned works as the “old forge,” located near the meeting point of the Lackawanna River and Ascension Brook, possibly near the bridge that leads to Duryea.

An obscure legend still persists that there’s a hidden treasure or some form of occult mystery hidden within Olyphant. Hints are said to be encoded in the placement of the town’s downtown churches and synagogue, the positions of which, if plotted on binghamton university essay prompt map, form the same pattern as the stars in the constellation Orion.

William is remembered for hemming in the French and thwarting their ambitions to rule over the entire European continent. His reign marked an era of greater power for Parliament as opposed to a strong-arm monarchy, in addition to sidetracking any Catholic ambitions to control the throne, a development still commemorated by the Orangemen of Northern Ireland.

The Oranges of northern New Jersey are also named after him. Overshot No self-respecting town in olden times could long survive without a nearby mill or two, and the water-powered sawmill in question apparently overshot or hung over a small stream in Towanda Township, part of Bradford County. Paint Takes its name from Paint Creek in the Johnstown area, binghamton university essay prompt in the s attracted artists from miles around who would recreate the picturesque waterfall and gorge.

Emory University SAT Score Analysis (Old SAT) The 25th percentile SAT score is , and the 75th percentile SAT score is In other words, a places you below average, while a will move you up to above average.

A desert oasis, Palmyra dated well into Biblical times. In the Book of Genesis, chapter 12, Abraham gathers his family and possessions and begins the journey to the land binghamton university essay prompt Canaan, a trip that took him through binghamton university essay prompt regions whose names now or at one time appeared in Wayne County: Palmyra, Damascus, Galilee, and finally, Canaan. Indeed, if he took a little detour, he might find himself in present-day Abrahamsville.

Biblical names are not uncommon in eastern Pennsylvania. Patrick’s Day celebration around that time, he received the final toast of the night the 45th, to be binghamton university essay prompt. Possibly as a reward for his patience, the inn was eventually named in honor of the general, and the town later grew up around the inn.

The inn was frequented by Sons of Liberty, who were inspired by Paoli’s attempts to set up a democracy back in Corsica.

Paradise Lancaster county Some people credit an early settler, Joshua Scott, with declaring that the region “seems like a paradise. A more plausible explanation revolves around French Huguenots Protestants who had been driven into Germany for fear of persecution at the hands of the Catholic church. Fearing they’d be binghamton university essay prompt in Germany, many resettled in the New World.

Compared to the fears they’d experienced in Europe, the Lancaster area must surely have seemed like a paradise, regardless of the topography. Not all the locals were pleased with the choice of Paradise.

Some settlers lobbied for the name Tanawa, after a local Indian chief with whom they’d lived in peace. Others pushed for the name Pequea, which possibly means “straight binghamton university essay prompt giving rise to the eventual Pequea Township pronounced PECK’-way. Since the line already had a Laurel Run station elsewhere, a name-change written essay papers in order and the honor fell upon Calvin Parsons, a prominent resident.

A patch This term refers to a settlement of miners huts. Paxtang Here’s another binghamton university essay prompt that got kick-started by the presence of several Indian trails that converged at or near one point. Located near Harrisburg, the word comes from a Susquehannock Indian word that settlers pronounced as “peshtank,” meaning “still waters. It was the home turf of a Scotch-Irish vigilante group known as the Paxton Boys, a group who felt that Quaker leaders were a bit too pacifist in their relations with Indians, so they took matters into their own hands, often with reckless and bloody results.

Peach Bottom Located in York County and named aroundthe honor possibly goes to the peach orchard of a farmer named John Kirk. Peckville Williamsport was once the unofficial lumber capital of the world, but northeastern Pennsylvania also “saw” its share of the lumber industry as well.

For many years the Peck Lumber Manufacturing Company contributed heavily to the region’s economy. The operation was begun by Samuel Peck of Massachusetts.

Pennsylvania Our state was almost called New Wales before the name Sylvania was bantered about. Penn gives other indications of being a humble, spiritual binghamton university essay prompt, including this incisive quote taken from The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley: In honor of this former distinction, we can still go to Pep Boys and buy a quart of Quaker State motor oil which is a fine substitute for wine if you’re ever invited to a dinner in Wilkes-Borough and need a quick gift.

Petersburg This site Thesis statement for optometry still awaiting a strong explanation behind the name of this Scranton neighborhood, which may then shed light on the mysterious origin of Moscow and help explain why the two great Russian cities are represented in our area.

Picture Rocks Muncy area The name of the borough is derived from pictographs left behind grammar and plagiarism checker free online some Munsee Indians who once inhabited the Muncy Creek valley.

Unfortunately the paintings on the cliffs above Muncy Creek have long since disappeared. Pigeon It is difficult to comprehend how a species of North American bird could number in the billions in the s yet be totally extinct today, a shocking tragedy that highlights the Alexander pope an essay on criticism sparknotes that can happen when we take nature for granted.

In the mid 19th century, passenger pigeons by the millions would roost in parts of northwest Pennsylvania, the town of Pigeon included.

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So many pigeons could be lined up in one tree that the branches would snap. Considered so numerous they were impervious to totally destruction, the passenger pigeon did just that, with the final member of the species passing away in the Cincinnati Zoo in This is the Pike who, seven years earlier when exploring the western United States, discovered Pike’s Peak — apparently from at least 80 miles away.

As a youth, Pike is said to have made binghamton university essay prompt trips through the Pike County region. Pillow This borough in the Harrisburg area was originally incorporated as Uniontown. Binghamton university essay prompt, when the town hit the big time and got its own post office, it binghamton university essay prompt soon evident that a post office under the name Uniontown already existed. A postal official soon saved the day, substituting the name “Pillow” in honor of General Gideon Pillow.

The good general was popular at the time for his military victories in the Mexican-American War. However, it took another hundred years untilin fact for voters to formalize the switchover from the name Uniontown to Pillow.

Prior to the American Revolution, settlements along the Susquehanna were considered part of the western frontier and were the binghamton university essay prompt of scattered Binghamton university essay prompt attacks. Frequently these attacks were encouraged by Spanish and French agents eager to intimidate the English-born settlers. case study dhl supply chain the British to commit enough resources to repel the Spanish and the French, and his efforts gained him considerable popularity in binghamton university essay prompt colonies.

Pitt, a British prime minister, as was his son, also believed that British lawmakers were too heavy-handed in their dealings with colonists.

  • Easley gives the names and dates of birth and, in some cases, death for his brothers, sisters, and children.
  • The Guthrie Air helicopter donated its time and its equipment, too, and participated in the exercise, wheeling an “injured” passenger on a stretcher, moving the student from one of the vehicles over to the chopper parked on the open lawn nearby.
  • Here are some good tips for making the most of the good old summertime:
  • According to Ralston, the name of the stream reflects the fact that the water at the spot had a peculiar texture.
  • Note that Scranton’s streets include the names of most American presidents as well as a wide array of trees.

An important river ferry point after the Revolution, Pittstown later became Pittston Ferry, until eventually both the ferry and the name were dropped.

Plains Township The area was originally occupied by the Wanami tribe of the Delaware Indians, whose chief’s name was Jacob.

Plymouth Named by settlers from Plymouth, Connecticut, which took its name from Plymouth, Massachusetts, which was named binghamton university essay prompt honor of Plymouth, England, home port of the Mayflower and located buy online essay the mouth of the River Plym. The local Plymouth was first known as Shawneetown, since the village sat near the site of an old Shawnee community.

Others say the borough was renamed Plymouth not so much by transplants from Connecticut but simply as a tribute to the first place the Puritans had touched in the new world. Pocono From the Indian probably Delaware word pocohanne, meaning “stream between two mountains,” Dissertation le droit au couple probably referring to the Delaware Water Gap.

Port Clinton was a terminus of the Schuylkill Canal, serving as a loading point for coal headed toward larger markets. The town is now home to the venerable Port Clinton Hotel, a major stop for stagecoaches on the old road writing services company Sunbury to Philadelphia. It’s located on Route 61, which used to be Route until the number was divided in half. Like other inns and taverns in olden times, the guestbook served also as a news bureau where travelers could relay the latest news, possibly even the baseball scores between the McAdoo Stompers and the Honeypot Cheaters.

Jervis also designed and oversaw the construction of the Croton Aqueduct and water system built to serve New York City. Port Matilda Centre County The port without water. Laid out by squire Clement Beckwith in and named in honor of his daughter, Matilda. The name may have reflected Beckwith’s hope that the town would eventually be connected to the Pennsylvania Canal. The canal never did reach Port Matilda, but at least the railroad did.

Potter County General James Potter, who made his name in the Revolutionary may have never set foot in this part of the state, perhaps to steer clear of the antics of another war veteran, Major Isaac Lyman. Lyman is considered the founder of the county, leaving his first wife in order binghamton university essay prompt settle here. After he remarried, his first wife tracked him binghamton university essay prompt and the lovely trio, it is said, lived within spitting distance of each other ever after.

Pottsville Named for John Binghamton university essay prompt, a German whose last name was pronounced “putt,” the ramifications of which might leave us with a high school sports team called the Pottsville Putz’s. Promised Land Now a state park in Pike County, the name originated as a term of ridicule for rocky land that was barely able to support any reasonable degree of agriculture, despite the promises of the Annotated bibliography for two authors who sold the tracts.

For this reason an old religious sect known as the Shakers came and went, as did lumbering companies who chopped binghamton university essay prompt most every tree in sight and binghamton university essay prompt them off to binghamton university essay prompt shipbuilding yards in Philadelphia. The area has since been replanted with second-growth forests. The binghamton university essay prompt agricultural conditions have also been attributed to the damage caused by ancient glaciers, and note that glaciers may have also played a role in the history of the area in and around Brooklyn PA see above.

Prompton Were the original settlers in the early s prompt in paying their debts and obligations? So says one theory regarding the name origin of this town near Honesdale. Prosperity After the first settlers hunkered binghamton university essay prompt here in southwest PA, they did the next natural thing: So in binghamton university essay prompt to encourage postal authorities to locate one here, they presented a glowing report with not one iota of exaggeration, one would assume of their village’s prosperity.

Providence The original township in the Scranton area, Providence remained an independent community until its merger with Scranton in The township was founded around by settlers from Providence, Rhode Island and quickly became known as a place to fetch a good bottle of whiskey. In its early years, people referred to the area as Centerville as well as The Corners, a name that remains today in the form of the best writing service Corners.

In naming the township, the founders perhaps with Indians on their mind no doubt sought to elicit all the “divine providence” they could get their hands on. One of the more memorable moments in Providence history was “The Great Blow,” a tornado that touched binghamton university essay prompt on July 3rd, We see binghamton university essay prompt hundreds of students struggling to find a list of US Universities based on GRE scores, so that they get the maximum admissions.

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